ALBERT EINSTEIN CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT- AECRD The research forum of the institution was established in 2010 and was officially renowned as ALBERT EINSTEIN CENTER OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ( AECRD) since June 2014. The research center is headed by the Director (R &D) with highly motivated and competent team of faculty and students. The team consists of 18 nos of Ph.D. holders and 7 Nos of Research supervisors. Around 50 nos of faculty members are pursuing Ph. D. in different streams of engineering, technology, and management for encouraging multidisciplinary research works benefited to society. RESEARCH POLICY of AECRD is to encourage students and faculty members for doing research in the thrust areas utilizing the facilities of the institute and other competent organizations & to facilitate conservation or dissemination of intellectual property through patents, publications, and entrepreneurship. The research center had completed more than hundred nos of consultancy services by faculty members of different streams in engineering and management and enriched with around 520 nos of faculty publications in Journals & Conferences. The resources available for the research center include High-cost R& D lab equipment, Softwares, Books, and Journals. The journal list consists of 24 nos of National Journal, 24 nos of International Journal, 144 IEEE e-journals and many nos of e-Journals like Science direct, J-Gate , ASTM,ASCE, ASME , Emerald etc., The centre has two patented projects and one project is submitted for the patent. One of the externally funded projects was completed in 2014 and 4 nos are ongoing. Agrima Humanoid Provisional patent (Ref.No.E-2/193/2011-CHE,2233/RQ-CHE/2011) obtained for the AGRIMA project - Artificially Guided Humanoid Robot with NLP Based Virtual Interactive Kinematic Intelligence ) Rs. 1,20,000 The fixed piston moving cylinder 2 stroke IC engine with supercharging annular(3495/CHE/2013)- Rs. 2,00,000 Triangular Air Compressor (Patent application No.2183/CHE/2008A, Publication dt. 21.11.2008)- Under process. Externally funded projects of AECRD. Project on "Thermal mapping of high-resolution Temperature sensor, Institution of Engineers Indian, Rs 90,000/- (completed in 2014). Agrima Humanoid(Artificially Guided Humanoid Robot with NLP Based Virtual Interactive Kinematic Intelligence), Rs 1,20,000 ( Ongoing) Project for persons with disabilities (Android-based obstacle detection and navigation guiding system for assisting visually impaired people), Kerala Govt.( 1,10,000) E-Heart, Central Govt 2014.( Ongoing) Modeling of simulation of self-organized multirobouts co-ordination., KSCSTE(Ongoing - proposal given)